Texas Sheltie Puppies

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Puppies for Sale


We do take a holding deposits which is non-refundable, the deposit is to put a hold on one of the litter and the holding price ranges can be from $300 (Males)-$350 (Females). Now for AKC Male pricing will range from $800-$950 while the AKC Females range from $850-$1,500 the higher end price will be cause of breeding rights, now the price ranges from the markings and the coat quality. Now if you want them registered as CKC or just unregistered prices will be cheaper. Males will be priced from $600-$750 while the Females range from $750- $900. All my Shelties should get as tall as of 13-16 inches which is the normal height for them.

Price: SOLD

Price: SOLD