Texas Sheltie Puppies

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Puppy Contract


Purchase Contract

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Breeders: William Martz


This Puppy is guaranteed to be in good health. We recommend you take your new puppy to your Veterinarian within the first 48 hrs ( or 2 business days) from your new ownership. If/when your Vet finds anything seriously wrong with this puppy we will replace or refund your purchase with 72 hours of purchase. You must have a signed letter from the examining Vet showing evidence of the puppies illness. The puppy must be returned to us immediately !!! The seller will not be responsible for any of the Vet bills buyer may incur, change of mind, landlords disapproval, allergy, injury to animal, accidents etc.. This puppy is guaranteed to be free from serious congenital health problems that would cause death. Not any know genetic problems that the particular breed is known for,( like shih tzus going blind if you cut the hair were it pokes the eye, or the short nosed breeds having a heat stroke because they were ran hard or in hot temps.) Not responsible for immunity problems caused from poor nutrition and filthy tick and flea infested living quarters of the buyer. In a rare case that puppy dies from a congenital health problem within the first 2 years we will replace the puppy with another puppy as soon as another litter is available. The buyer understands that once a deposit is made, it is a commitment to buy the dog and is therefore, NON-REFUNDABLE. Buyer will forfeit deposit and said dog may then be resold if not paid in full by specified date being. We carefully screen and check the genetics of our breeding stock before we breed to stop any problems and insure the AKC breeding standards along with CKC.

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